The Global Institute for Freedom, Transformation and Enlightenment (GIFTE) is a world leader in personal and corporate transformation education. We offer seminars and programs that allow participants to immediately use their gifts, talents and resources to create the life and businesses they absolutely love.

Participants in our programs experience a quantum leap in their effectiveness, performance and happiness. They emerge as leaders of their own lives, and operate at a very high level of power, passion, purpose, peace and prosperity. They excel.

The work of GIFTE started in 2006 and thousands of people worldwide have participated in our programs. We currently offer programs in the Caribbean and North America. GIFTE was founded by Courtney Kazembe, Author, transformational Coach and Lawyer. We have offices in Toronto, Canada & Kingston, Jamaica.

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"We are inculcated to be special, to be successful, to be the winner, to be the prime minister, to be the president, to be the richest etc."

— Courtney Kazembe

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